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Introduction to ICASA

Name: International College of Auckland Students’ Association (ICASA)

Objects: The fundamental objective of ICASA is to remain a student-owned and governed organization that represents the student body. ICASA aims to organize and coordinate services conducive to the welfare and well-being of students at ICA, enriching the student experience and culture by providing representation services, facilities, and organizing phenomenal events.


Any student of ICA has membership rights.

Any student waiving rights to membership may at any time re-assume membership rights by application to the Executive.

Membership of the association shall cease in the following circumstances:

  • Death of a member
  • Resignation, in the case of any member

Annual General Meeting

There shall be an Annual General Meeting each year, held as soon as practicable after the preparation and audit of the previous year’s accounts and no later than 31 May.

Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be posted on the Noticeboard at least 14 days before such meeting, stating the time, date, and place thereof.

The Annual General Meeting shall consider:

  • The adoption of the annual audited accounts of the association.
  • The annual report of the President of the preceding year.
  • Appointment of an Association Auditor.

The Officer and Executive

The officers of the Association shall be the President, the Vice Presidents, and the Finance Officer.

The Executive of the Association shall consist of:

  • President
  • Vice Presidents
  • Finance Officers
  • Students Representatives – IT
  • Students Representatives – Business
  • Students Representatives – Engineering
  • Students Representatives – English

3.2 Officers Responsibilities

  • 3.2.1 President: The President shall lead and represent the Association in fulfilling its core objects and achieving its goals of advancing the academic, educational, welfare, social, cultural, and sporting interests of its members.

    3.2.2 Vice Presidents: The Vice-Presidents of the Association shall:

    • Assist and support the President in carrying out the duties and functions of the office of President.
    • Act as President and assume all the powers and duties of President in the absence of the President.
    • Be responsible for the specified jobs and duties.

    3.2.3 Finance Officer: The Finance Officer shall be responsible for co-ordination and oversight of the legislative requirements, financial performance, commercial interests, and development, implementation, and monitoring of the strategic and commercial goals of the Association.

3.3 Meeting of the Executive

Meeting of the Executive shall be held at least 12 times a year. The President shall give the 24 hours of notice of the meeting to all Executive members. If any Executive member is absent from 3 consecutive meetings without leave being granted, s/he shall be deemed to have resigned.


4.1 Fees: There is no joining fee for the first year. ICASA reserves the right to determine the joining fee from the second year.

4.2 Any income, benefit, or advantages of any kind whatsoever shall be applied to the charitable purpose and objects of the Association.

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