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Keeping Copies of Important Documents

Keeping copies of important documents, like the photo page of your passport, makes good sense because it will be easier to get a replacement if you lose them. Having an extra set of passport photos is also a good idea for the same reason and for obtaining ID (Identity) cards for when you are here.

Make two photocopies of your passport photo page, airline tickets, driver licence and the credit cards that you plan to bring with you and any other personal information such as records of your banking and insurance. If you have any special medical conditions, bring a note in English explaining the condition. List the serial numbers of your travellers’ cheques (cross off the numbers from your copy as you use the cheques). Leave a photocopy of everything with family or friends at home and pack the other in a safe place away from where you carry your valuables.

If you buy anything duty free at the airport, keep the receipts because you may need to show these to Customs at the airport when you arrive.

Before you get a visa you will also need to know where you are staying when you arrive, even if it’s only for a little while, because you won’t get a visa if you haven’t arranged a place to stay. Your school or institution may help you organise this. See ‘Where to Stay’ on page 23 for the types of places to stay once you are in New Zealand.

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