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What to leave behind

Prohibited Items

New Zealand has very strict laws regarding what you can bring into the country to screen out unwanted pests and diseases. You must not bring in any animals or insects (live or dead), fresh foods, including meat and some packaged goods. There are also limits on goods that you can bring in. If you have any of the above, you must declare them when you arrive. Failure to declare could result in a fine or prosecution. It pays to check with Customs if you have any doubts. Go to: To find out more about what you can bring in, go to: Remember to tell friends and family, who may send you things, of New Zealand’s strict laws.

Illegal drugs

Do not import illegal drugs into New Zealand. The importation of drugs could result in your imprisonment. Be wary of carrying packages or baggage for strangers.Be aware that ephedrine and pseudoephedrine-based products, such as Contac NT tablets, are subject to legal restrictions in New Zealand. These restrictions mean that you may only bring these products to New Zealand for your own reasonable personal use. This is because these substances are being widely used in the manufacture of the Class A controlled drug methamphetamine. If you become involved in the supply of these substances, knowing that they are to be used for a criminal purpose, you face heavy penalties under New Zealand law and could go to jail for up to seven years.

Unnecessary items

You do not need to bring Chinese food goods (e.g., instant noodles, snacks) because you can buy most items in New Zealand. There are Asian food shops in most towns and cities.You can also rent Chinese language CDs, DVDs and videos in New Zealand, so it may be a good idea to limit the number of these you bring with you. You don’t need to bring phone cards from China, as very economical international calling phone cards are widely available in New Zealand.

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