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10:00 am - 1:00 pm

31 Oct 2016

  Department of electrical engineering, International College of Auckland (ICA) has organised an industrial trip to Geo-thermal power plant (Nga Awa Purua Geo Thermal Power Station). This power plant is beign run by Mighty River Power. The plant has a maximum capacity of 170 MW power in which 6 MW is used by plant itself.  Engineering students, 24 in number, accompanied by three staff were part of this trip. Students were acquainted with different famous sites of New Zealand on the way to plant. Out guide, John Cook, has great knowledge of the surroundings.

    Engineer in charge of the station gave a warm reception at the station. He divided the students into two groups for visiting different facilities of the power station. At the end of the visit to different facilities of the power plant, students were gathered in the conference room for question and answer session.  Staff explained the job of electrical engineers in the plant.  The electrical engineers used to redesign and maintain different electrical equipment in the plant. The students also learned that there is a scope for internship in the plant. On our way back, engineering staff of the plant show facility of electric charging. The trip finished at 3 PM and return was through Tapu and Hamilton and reached back to ICA city campus at 8:00 PM.”

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