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Lab Equipment

The lab is equipped with all modern facilities. It has 9(nine) desks, each of which is furnished with different form of power supplies and meter. The supplies included variable voltage three phase alternating, high voltage three phase alternating and direct current. It has also the facility to supply different forms of supply such as sinusoidal and rectangular signals of variable amplitude and frequency. The lab has 7 (seven) PCs with necessary simulation software.  Proteus Professional software is installed in all these PCs to facilitate hand on experience of electronic circuit simulation and printed circuit board design. Micro-controller and all other peripheral components are also available in order to facilitate programming and interfacing real time embedded systems.

Among other equipment, it has analogue and digital circuit box, analogue and digital oscilloscope, analogue and digital multi-meter, power meter, analogue and digital Mili voltmeter and power meter.

A soldering station is furnished at the back of the lab to enhance soldering ability of the students. 

Scope of the Lab

Although the name of the lab suggests that it is primarily set up for the Electronics and Real time embedded system, the scope of this lab is even further. The lab can be utilised for number of courses of diploma in electrical engineering. 

Scope of Electronics and Embedded Systems Lab


 Electronics and Embedded Systems Lab Equipment