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Auckland City, 12 October 2017: The International College of Auckland (ICA) has decided to voluntarily close its National Diploma in Business (Level 5), NZIM Diploma in Management (Level 5), NZIM Diploma in Management (Advanced) (Level 6), and New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6) programs due to quality concerns. This means that students currently involved in these programs will cease to study with ICA and move to a new provider.

James Zhu, the Principal of ICA, has personally apologized for the disruption caused due to these program closures in students’ academic and personal lives. He is trying to ensure that all affected students will be supported through this transition period successfully.

The students of the programs mentioned above will move to Concordia Institute of Business, a Category 1 provider and part of Aspire2 International. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), ICA, Concordia Institute of Business, and Immigration New Zealand (INZ) are working collectively to ensure that the students can continue their studies with minimum disturbance. They met with the students to personally explain the situation and advise them of the steps they need to take about the transition. The colleges, NZQA, and Immigration New Zealand will provide the students with the support that they need during this time.

As unfortunate as this event may be, the International College of Auckland would like to emphasize that these recent changes in ICA’s Business Department will not affect its current Level 7 Diploma in Business students. The college will continue to work hard for the Business Department’s overall improvement. Moreover, it does not anyhow affect the performance of the college’s Engineering, English, and Information Technology programs. The college is and will always be committed to providing quality education to its students.

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Multicultural Programmes

Multicultural programmes provides ICA College students a safe and supportive environment to explore issues of diversity and multiculturalism through programmes, services and educational opportunities. Through programmes, services and educational opportunities, Multicultural programmes is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for ICA students to explore issues of diversity and multiculturalism as well as to strengthen the connection for all students with each other and the college community.


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