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Successful Transition of an ICA graduate to AUT programme

Program Update


A graduate of ICA’s New Zealand Diploma in Information Technology –Technical Support (Level 5) program has successfully transitioned to study the second year of the Bachelor of Computer and Information Science program with AUT. ICA and AUT have signed an articulation agreement to facilitate the transfer of points from ICA’s New ZealandDiploma in Information Technology – Technical Support (Level 5) to AUT’sBachelor of Computer and Information Sciences (BCIS) with one major and one minor.“I have completed the Level 5 Diploma in Information Technology and ICA and continued the second year of Computer and Information Sciences at AUT. The environment at ICA was positive and supportive. The program at ICA is very similar to that at AUT which made my second year easier. Especially thanks to Juieanne who supported me whenever I needed help”

– Ms. Jovana StefanovicICA IT Level 5 Alumna and a2nd year BCIS Student at AUT

multicultural Program

Multicultural Programmes

Multicultural programmes provides ICA College students a safe and supportive environment to explore issues of diversity and multiculturalism through programmes, services and educational opportunities. Through programmes, services and educational opportunities, Multicultural programmes is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for ICA students to explore issues of diversity and multiculturalism as well as to strengthen the connection for all students with each other and the college community.


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