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Meet Luanne, one of the fortunate 5000 International students who received a special invitation to study at New Zealand. Luanne was granted 1 Academic year study at International College of Auckland during the challenging times of the pandemic. With determination and hard work, she successfully completed her studies with flying colours.Impressively, Luanne already had three years of work experience in the field from her time back in the Philippines. Her dedication and aca-demic excellence caught the attention of Invenco Limited Group, who offered her a full-time job related to her expertise even before she fin-ished her college intake.To add to her achievements, just two months after receiving her Diplo-ma in Electrical Engineering – Level 7, Luanne was granted Resident Vi-sa. Her course was part of the Greenlist, paving the way for a smooth and direct pathway to residency. Now, Luanne enjoys a worry-free life in Auckland New Zealand, flourishing both professionally and personal-ly.Her remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to all, demonstrating the opportunities that await those who strive for excellence and em-brace challenges with determination. Luanne’s story showcases the positive outcomes that can arise from the right blend of education, ded-ication, and perseverance.

multicultural Program

Multicultural Programmes

Multicultural programmes provides ICA College students a safe and supportive environment to explore issues of diversity and multiculturalism through programmes, services and educational opportunities. Through programmes, services and educational opportunities, Multicultural programmes is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for ICA students to explore issues of diversity and multiculturalism as well as to strengthen the connection for all students with each other and the college community.


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