ICA’s Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI)

The Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) was established by the principal of ICA to promote the culture of research and innovation among different departments.

The functions of the CRI are to:

  • Promote the culture of independent and collaborative research across the departments
  • Develop of research capability and infrastructure in ICA
  • Improve and manage the required resources for research support throughout ICA
  • Organise workshops and training for faculty members to enhance their knowledge and skills and to carry out effective research in accordance with ICA’s code of ethics
  • Work towards ICA’s mission of quality education and research to improve interactions between teaching and research
  • Use research outcomes to transfer obtained knowledge and skills to New Zealand’s educational and other sectors
  • Promote ICA's reputation as a research-capable institute in New Zealand's private tertiary education sector

Ethics Committee of CRI

The Ethics Committee of CRI was established to provide ethical approval of research proposals that are conducted by ICA staff in the fields of engineering, technology and social sciences. The purpose of the committee is to ensure that the rights, health and wellbeing of the research participants are well protected during the research and in the results of the research outcomes.

The CRI uses the Royal Society of New Zealand Code of Professional Standards and Ethics in Science, Technology and the Social Sciences.


  • For ethics approval, potential researchers must fill out and submit this application form:


  • If you have any complaints or concerns about any research  carried out or being carried out under the umbrella of ICA CRI, please use following form:


Research Projects

·         Study and evaluation of Optical Fibre Communication Boards

·         Feasibility study and design of automated testing systems

·         Study and evaluation of Dynamic Characteristics of Fuel Cells

·         Design and implementation power electronic systems for training purposes

·         Redesign and modify existing network – I

·         Analysis and design of bidirectional DC Motors control

·         Redesign and modify existing network – II

Research Database

CRI proudly subscribes to “ScienceDirect”, an Elsevier research database that provides access to thousands of scientific articles. Please feel free to use it to assist you in your research:

You can contact CRI by email:

Chair (email: Chair-CRI@ica.ac.nz)
Secretary (email: Secretary-Cri@ica.ac.nz)
Information (email: Info-Cri@ica.ac.nz)

If you prefer to contact us by post, please write to:

Centre for Research and Innovation
International College of Auckland
PO Box 5337 Wellesley Street
Auckland 1010 New Zealand