About International College of Auckland

Mission Statement

International College of Auckland ( ICA ) provides quality education which enables students to optimise their potential and become internationally competitive in the market place.

Support, Development and Achievement

ICA offers a unique education environment that focuses on individual development and achievement. Quality teaching, a supportive environment and multi-cultural experience provide a framework for the success of our students. We recognise each student and the continuing contribution they make to society at a local and global level. To provide a pathway for students toward both local and international opportunities in business, employment and higher education, our curriculum includes a variety of programmes.

Our students are inspired to discover and apply their intellectual and creative potential and contribute responsibly to society. As a student, you will learn to reason, adapt, innovate, communicate and develop so you can respond to the rapid changes in the modern workforce.

Students have a wonderful opportunity to learn in a modern and stimulating environment in ICA. With the interests of our students' futures in mind, we work closely with stakeholders and relevant organisations to create opportunities for students in all our departments: Engineering, Business, Computer Studies and Languages.


41% of our teaching staff hold a doctoral degree or are PhD candidates.100% of English tutors in Auckland are qualified tutors with CELTA or TESOL certificates.75% of English tutors hold a master degree or above in English language teaching or relevant field. 


ICA maintains strategic, academic, industry and community alliances with various organisations. Students benefit from alliances that pool and integrate resources, guidance and intellect to provide quality education and produce desired outcomes such as employment or further studies options.

ICA Strategic Alliances

ICA Academic Alliances

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