Welcoming Orientation Programme

It can be scary starting at a new school - or arriving in a new country! From the very first day, we take students through an Orientation Programme to help them get to know the college, tutors and other students. If students are new to the country, we will also help them settle into life in New Zealand.

Dedicated Mentoring System

Every student is assigned a member of staff who will be their mentor throughout their academic stay at the college. Students benefit from having someone with whom they can discuss any issues or challenges they may have and who can provide them with guidance.

Professional Development Sessions

Students receive extra development sessions to enhance their professional knowledge, and help them fit in and understand the culture and work environment in New Zealand. Many international students are new arrivals to New Zealand and may not have worked before.

Individual Interactions              

Smaller classes mean more one-on-one contact with tutors. Students' individual needs are of great importance to our tutors, who will help them set realistic goals for their learning. Students will never be without support during their time at ICA.

Qualified Staff                            

41% of our teaching staff hold a doctoral degree or are PhD candidates. 100% of English tutors in Auckland are qualified tutors with CELTA orTESOL certificates. 75% of English tutors hold a master degree or above in English landuage teaching or relevant field.