Course Name

Diploma in Business (Project Management) (Level 7)

Aim of the course

The project management specialization in ICA’s Diploma in Business Level 7 will prepare skilled graduates to run and lead different businesses and organizations and improve output. The graduates will have leadership and professional communication skills to deal with key business stakeholders; a clear understanding of best practices, techniques and complicated issues in project management; and a vision of new trends and innovative strategies in business in line with a disciplined approach.

Course Details

  • Course length – 40 weeks including holidays
  • Class timetable – Classes over weekdays as well as weekends
  • Intakes every 8 weeks

Entry Requirements (International Students)

Eligibility criteria to enrol in this diploma is:

  • New Zealand Diploma in Business Level 6, OR
  • NZIM Diploma in Management Advanced OR
  • National Diploma in Business Level 6 or their equivalent. OR
  • Equivalent knowledge and skills. And
  • Any applicants whose first language is not English must provide evidence of an overall IELTS (Academic) score of 6.0 with no individual band score lower than 5.5, or a TOEFL score of no less than 550, OR
  • Equivalent knowledge and skills
  • Pass ICA’s Internal English Language Proficiency Assessment with an overall proficiency of 6.

RPL is available to the eligible learners. Each RPL application shall be processed in accordance with ICA RPL policy
(Note: Students who have enrolled having completed the New Zealand Diploma in Business Level 6, NZIM Diploma in Management Advanced or National Diploma in Business Level 6 will be deemed to have met the English proficiency criterion)

Course Advantages

  • Unique NZQA approved programme in New Zealand which trains learners in one year to meet entry-to-middle level management/supervisory staff needs of most organisations from a variety of industries and sectors
  • Learners from various backgrounds, such as Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Financial Institutions, Insurance and many other similar organisations providing goods and/or services
  • One year job search visa
  • Internationally recognised qualification
  • Learners with Project Management qualification earn comparatively higher salaries
  • Pathway to study to post graduate level
  • Students are entitled to work for 20 hours per week while studying
  • Practicum opportunities which provide a real working environment exposure to the learners
  • Mentors provided to each learner, who work on one-on-one basis with the student
  • Highly experienced and qualified staff

Career Opportunities

The graduates of the ICA’s Diploma in Business Level 7 will have career opportunities to enter to middle level management as project managers in various industries and sectors, such as engineering, IT, healthcare, manufacturing & production, financial institutions, and many other organisations providing goods and/or services.

Course Structure


Project Management Strand - Subject Description

721 - Project Management – Concepts and Techniques

This course intends to apprehend management issues in projects and to tackle problems raised in teamwork appropriate to contemporary applications. The primary focus of the paper is on planning, managing, scheduling and controlling projects, dealing with team members, time and activity scheduling of work force, risk management, controlling reliability of processes and maintaining the quality of products by implementing standards. This course will provide knowledge and skills to the learner to manage and complete projects in a successful way.

722 - Strategic Management

The course aims to stimulate and develop strategic thinking of the learner from a project management perspective for managerial decisions and future actions that determines the longer-term performance of an organisation. The course will enhance learner’s capabilities of environment scanning of an organisation and its projects by formulating, implementing, assessing and controlling strategic plans. Upon completion of this course, the learner will have the skills to execute strategic plans for efficient management of capital and operational projects. The course will also enhance the learner’s capabilities of strategic management for organisations seeking a competitive advantage and resource management for successful projects, programmes and portfolio management.

723- Quality Management and Control

The course focuses on the learner’s development to critically review quality management, operations, client service, information delivery, service operations and financial aspects throughout the system of an organisation. The course will also enhance learner’s capabilities to evaluate and discuss state of the art quality management concepts including Six Sigma, ISO standardization and lean management for global operations. Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to assess and enhance the capabilities of a sustainable organisation with embedded quality and control mechanisms across all projects.

724 – Agile Project Management

This course aims to provide learner with the skills to apply core project management concepts and techniques in a real life project. The course also aims to develop the learner’s capability to use contemporary tools that will strengthen planning processes and embed professional management skills in accordance with industry best practices. The course will enhance learner’s practical skills to manage and control scope, schedules, budgets and resources for a project. Upon completion of this course, the learner will be capable of managing all phases of a real life project by practicing project management principles and techniques supplemented with tools.