Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisites for this training scheme. However, students will be required to sit a placement test to ensure they are correctly placed in this training scheme. Students who pass the first component of the test and achieve a score above 10 in the second component of the placement test will be eligible to enter this training scheme.

Outcome Statement

Students will develop the skills to communicate with support in very simple, familiar everyday situations. Graduates will be able to demonstrate the following skills

  • Participate in basic spoken personal exchanges.
  • Read and understand basic texts for practical purposes.
  • Write basic texts for practical purposes.


The content of the training scheme revolves around the development of elementary reading, writing, listening and speaking skills grounded in simple everyday situations.


This training scheme is designed to build on and consolidate the language skills and content covered in Migrant English Foundation B, as well as lead to Migrant English Level 1 B.

Structural Overview

This is an 18 week 30 credit 450 learning hour module suited to the needs of adult migrants who have a variety of other commitments and are not able to commit to longer blocks of study.