Course Name

Diploma in Business (Management & Marketing) (Level 7)

Course Detail

Course length – 36 or 42 weeks including holidays
Day Class – Weekday classes

Entry requirements

  • aged 18 or older
  • International students for whom English is a second language must also have and IELTS score of 6.0 (academic) with no individual band lower than 5.5 or TOEFL score of 550. Students who enrol having completed the New Zealand Diploma of Business or National Diploma of Business (level 6) will be deemed to have met this criterion
  • have appropriate academic qualification to enrol on the programme. Students must have gained the New Zealand Diploma of Business (level 6) or National Diploma of Business (level 6) or their equivalent

Aims of the course

  • build upon the knowledge, understandings and skills developed in the NZDipBus and NZIM Diploma in Management Advanced Level 6 in a chosen specialist area;
  • provide opportunities for students to be exposed to the culture and context of New Zealand business through assignments, visits, visiting lecturers from the business sector and internship;
  • expose students to a qualification which encourages reflection on the nexus between theoretical knowledge and practice in a New Zealand business environment.
  • enable the target group of graduates with a level 6 business qualification, to gain a level 7 business qualification which provides pathways to enter the workforce or to

Student Outcomes

  • This qualification allows students to gain in-depth business skills and knowledge that build upon the foundation of level 6 business qualifications such as the New Zealand Diploma in Business or the National Diploma in Business which are a prerequisite for entry.
  • Specialties are offered in accounting and finance, business computing and technology, management and marketing, project management and healthcare management.
  • Graduates of the Diploma in Business (Speciality) (level 7) will have the knowledge and skills to enter careers such as accountancy, banking, business computing, management, marketing and tourism. As well as business related subject knowledge, students will gain introductory level research skills and explore contemporary issues in New Zealand and global business.


The programme includes:

  • maximum two 600 level NZDipBus papers or ICA DB level 7 papers, not previously studied, in the chosen speciality
  • two compulsory 700 level papers in research methods (791) and contemporary business issues (792); and
  • two elective 700 level papers in the chosen speciality

Course Structure

- ICA will make the option of papers to be offered for any given term

731 Advanced Strategic Planning for Small Business – 20 Credits

Students will be able to assess the strategic situation facing the organisation through the application and understanding of the appropriate analytical tools; extrapolate various options which have arisen from the analysis and evaluate their suitability; Implement the strategies through leadership styles, organisational structures, systems, culture and actions; and Compile measurement devices to monitor the effectiveness of the strategy in meeting the original goals and objectives.

732 Advanced Operation Management – 20 Credits

Students gain the knowledge to more effectively manage their operations and thus make a valuable contribution towards the success of their business.

742 Advanced Marketing Research – 20 Credits

Students will analyse a variety of research tools used in marketing research and design tool for a specified purpose.

781 Internship – 20 Credits

Students will gain practical on-the-job experience in a business organisation in their chosen specialty.

791 Contemporary Business Issues – 20 Credits (Core Paper)

Students will analyse a number of issues and challenges facing business today.

792 Research Methods for Business – 20 Credits (Core Papers)

Students will be introduced to the nature and purpose of research in business and compare different research methodologies. A research proposal will be developed.