Department of Engineering


The engineering department has been established in 2015 by the International college of Auckland (ICA) after the approval of the DEE- level 7 by NZQA.
Currently department is offering three programmes in Engineering

Engineering department structure

Following is current structure of Engineering Department ICA

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Research and Innovation at engineering department

The department is actively engaged in research and development. Please click following to visit

Centre for research and Innovation (CRI)

Intake dates

Student Activities

Following are glimpse of what our students do

  1. Automatic plant watering system

  2. Remote control Sky Light

  3. Digital thermometer

  4. Optical fibre based Telephone exchange

Industrial Visits

Industrial visits are complimentary of engineering studies. Our students visit various industrial and project sites throughout their studies. Recently students visited EMS manufacturing plan to see the application of their students

Students other industrial visits, activities and project details can be found from

Job Placement

ICA Engineering students proved again :) 83.33% relevant job placement rate during July 2016 to Nov 2016