NZ Diploma in IT Technical Support (L5) + Diploma in Computer System Support (L7)

Course Details:

Course length: 88 weeks Total Credits: 240

NZ Diploma in IT Technical Support (L5): 50 weeks including holidays (120 credits)

Diploma in Computing (L7): 38 weeks (120 credits)

Entry requirements:

  • Students must be 16 years and over.
  • International students who do not have English as a first language must have an IELTS score of 5.5 with no band score lower than 5 or equivalent

Aims of the course:

Our specifically designed programme incorporates two qualifications and provides students with the essential skills for entering the IT industry. It provides a great opportunity for those who are keen on having the fundamental knowledge and skills in a wide range of higher level computer support knowledge and skills with a specialization in computer networking, to industry recognized standards.

Overall outcomes for this pathway course:

At the completion of this course, graduates will have gained the knowledge, skills and abilities in a broad range of Information Technology , be proficient in both hardware and software support, and be able to operate as single and multi-user environment support personnel, in culturally diverse environments.

Year one: NZ Diploma in IT Technical Support (L5) The graduates of the NZ Diploma in IT Technical Support (L5)


  • Be trained in communication skills with clients and group leadership skills
  • Understand computer hardware & network fundamentals
  • Install configure hardware & software components
  • Configure & administer peer-to-peer networks
  • Troubleshoot PC & operating systems
  • Understand the role & ethics of computing professionals

Year two: Diploma in Computer Systems Support (L7) Students will acquire:

  • Effective group and communication work skills
  • Understanding of all aspects of networks (infrastructure, security, software, design, etc)
  • Understanding of the role and ethics of the IT professional Students will enter the IT work-force as:
  • Trainee engineers
  • Network design specialists
  • Network support engineers
  • Infrastructure support personnel

Career Opportunities:

Students graduating with these qualifications could develop their career as an entry level employee in either the IT industry or a wide range of business areas like business information systems, business system development, project management, operations management, small business management, and strategic management. Job careers at an IT entry level:

  • IT Operations
  • IT Help Desk Operator
  • IT Support /Technician
  • Hardware Technician
  • Software Technician

Job careers at middle level:

  • IT information system manager
  • Information system manager
  • IT consultant
  • Network design specialists
  • Network support engineers
  • Infrastructure support personnel

Course Structure:

Part One: NZ Diploma in IT Technical Support (L5) To be awarded the NZ Diploma in IT Technical Support (level 5), students must be credited with a minimum of 120 credits The graduates will have the following technical and core IT skills:

  • Select, install and configure IT hardware and systems software to meet organisational requirements.
  • Apply a broad operational knowledge of networking, and associated services and technologies to meet typical organisational requirements.
  • Configure and administer systems and applications to meet typical organisational IT support requirements.
  • Apply a broad operational knowledge of database administration to meet typical organisational data storage and retrieval requirements.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve a range of common system problems using appropriate tools and procedures.
  • Identify common issues related to IT security and apply a range of solutions.
  • Demonstrate an operational knowledge and understanding of IT service management to meet typical organisational customer service requirements.
  • Apply the fundamentals of information systems concepts and practice to support and enhance organisational processes and systems.
  • Apply the fundamentals of interaction design concepts and practice to enhance interface design.
  • Apply the principles of software development to create simple working applications.
  • Apply professional, legal, and ethical principles and practices in a socially responsible manner as an emerging IT professional.
  • Apply communication, personal and interpersonal skills to enhance effectiveness in an IT role.
  • Use problem-solving and decision-making techniques to provide innovative and timely Information Technology outcomes.

Part Two: Diploma in Computer Systems Support ( Advanced) – Level 7 Diploma in computer systems support (Advanced) is an NZQA approved and accredited Level 7 qualification. This qualification consists of 06 modules and students are trained to acquire MCITP and MCSA in Windows server administration.

To be awarded Diploma in Computer Systems Support (advanced) Level 7 , students must be credited with a minimum of 120 credits. The course comprises the following modules;

  • Introduction to Network Infrastructure
  • Multi -user directory services
  • System security & administration
  • Administer WAN environment
  • Administer LAN Environment
  • Disaster Recovery of Networks