NZ Diploma in IT Technical Support (L5) +Diploma in Business (L7)

Course Details:

Course length: 92 weeks

Total Credits: 240

NZ Diploma in IT Technical Support (L5): 50 weeks including holidays (120 credits)

Diploma in Business (L7): 42 weeks (120 credits)

Entry requirements:

  • Bachelor degree
  • International students who do not have English as a first language must have an IELTS score of 5.5 with no band score lower than 5 or equivalent

Aims of the course:

Our specifically designed programme incorporates two qualifications and provides students with essential skills for entering the IT industry, and it gives a good opportunity for participants to develop in-depth understanding in the business field, specifically in the marketing area.

Overall outcomes for this pathway course:

At the completion of this course, graduates will have gained basic IT knowledge and computer skills, upgraded their knowledge and understandings in many dimensions of business marketing and built up multiple skills in marketing research, advertising, sales promotion and international marketing.

Year one: NZ Diploma in IT Technical Support (L5)

The graduates of the NZ Diploma in IT Technical Support (Level5) will:

  • Be trained in communication skills with clients and group leadership skills
  • Understand computer hardware & network fundamentals
  • Install and configure hardware & software components
  • Configure & administer peer-to-peer networks
  • Troubleshoot PC & operating systems
  • Understand the role & ethics of computing professionals

Year two: Diploma in Business (L7)

Students build on skills of business management and research and gain learning experience from applying business and management theory to real business contexts. Students also enhance their competence by working on some business marketing projects individually or collectively.

Career Opportunities

Students graduating from these courses could develop their careers as an entry level employee in either the IT industry or in a wide range of business areas, especially those with marketing functions.

Job careers at an IT entry level:

  • IT Operations
  • IT Help Desk Operator
  • IT Support /Technician
  • Hardware Technician
  • Software Technician

Job careers at Marketing level:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Market Researcher
  • Market Analyst
  • Brand Manager
  • Product Development Manager
  • Online-Marketing Manager

Course Structure:

Year One: NZ Diploma in IT Technical Support (L5)

To be awarded the NZ Diploma in IT Technical Support (level 5), students must be credited with a minimum of 120 credits

The graduates will have the following technical and core IT skills:

  • Select, install and configure IT hardware and systems software to meet organisational requirements.
  • Apply a broad operational knowledge of networking, and associated services and technologies to meet typical organisational requirements.
  • Configure and administer systems and applications to meet typical organisational IT support requirements.
  • Apply a broad operational knowledge of database administration to meet typical organisational data storage and retrieval requirements.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve a range of common system problems using appropriate tools and procedures.
  • Identify common issues related to IT security and apply a range of solutions.
  • Demonstrate an operational knowledge and understanding of IT service management to meet typical organisational customer service requirements.
  • Apply the fundamentals of information systems concepts and practice to support and enhance organisational processes and systems.
  • Apply the fundamentals of interaction design concepts and practice to enhance interface design.
  • Apply the principles of software development to create simple working applications.
  • Apply professional, legal, and ethical principles and practices in a socially responsible manner as an emerging IT professional.
  • Apply communication, personal and interpersonal skills to enhance effectiveness in an IT role.
  • Use problem-solving and decision-making techniques to provide innovative and timely Information Technology outcomes.

Year Two: Diploma in Business (L7)

The Diploma in Business Level 7 is 120 credits. The course consists of 4 optional papers selected from the Marketing major, and 2 compulsory papers. To be awarded the Diploma in Business Level 7, students should achieve 120 credits of which at least 80 credits are at level 7. The 2 compulsory papers are 742 Advanced marketing research and 792 Research Methods in Business.

Compulsory papers:

  • 742 Advanced Marketing Research
  • 792 Research Methods in Business

Students will be introduced to the nature and purpose of research in business and compare different research methodologies. A research proposal will be developed.

Optional papers:

  • 630 Leadership
  • 631 Strategic planning for small business
  • 632 Operations management
  • 633 Human Resource Management
  • 636 Applied Management

Students will apply management concepts.

  • 642 Marketing research
  • 648 Marketing planning and control (Not offered in 2013)
  • 731 Advanced Strategic planning for small business (Not offered in 2013)
  • Advanced Operations Management (Not offered in 2013)